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                MEET THE PARTNERS

                Our agents work with these insurance partners and more

                Wondering How We Do What We Do? 

                Well, what we do couldn’t be done without the hands-down greatness of our partners. Their range of stellar coverages provides our network of independent heroes the options to make sure your beautifully unique needs are rightfully protected. 

                *The list of participating companies may vary from state to state, and there is no guarantee that the agent you choose will write a policy from the company you select here. Ultimately, your agent may have more options available that may better fit your needs.

                Thank You Trusted Choice Company Partners

                AAA of Minnesota and Iowa

                Acadia Insurance Company

                Allstate Independent Agents

                The Beacon Mutual Insurance Company

                Berkley Aspire

                Berkley Mid-Atlantic Group

                Berkley North Pacific Group

                Berkley Southeast Insurance Group

                Broome Co-operative Insurance Company

                Central Insurance Companies

                Community Mutual

                Continental Western Group

                Co-operative Insurance Companies

                The Cumberland Insurance Group

                Dryden Mutual Insurance Company

                EMC Insurance Companies

                Encompass Insurance

                Encova (Formerly Motorists Insurance Group)

                Foremost Insurance Group

                Franklin Mutual Insurance Company

                Frontline Insurance

                Frontline Insurance Unlimited

                Grange Insurance

                The Hartford

                The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection Company


                Integrity Insurance

                Kingstone Insurance Company

                Liberty Mutual Insurance

                The Main Street America Group

                Markel Corporation

                MetLife Auto & Home

                MMG Insurance

                Mutual Benefit Group

                The National Security Group

                Nationwide Insurance

                Ohio Mutual Insurance Group


                Rain and Hail, a Chubb Company

                Safeco Insurance

                Selective Insurance Company of America


                Union Mutual of Vermont

                Union Standard Insurance Group

                W.R. Berkley Corporation

                Western National Insurance Group

                Westfield Insurance

                Get the best insurance with a trusted independent agent.