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                The Way Insurance Should Be Done

                Empowering independent agents and shoppers in a digital insurance world.

                About Us Our Story Accreditations, Reviews & Certificates Our Leadership

                About Us

                TrustedChoice.com was created for both independent insurance agents and shoppers to connect with exactly what they need, insurance solutions.

                As the leading digital insurance marketing platform, the TrustedChoice.com consumer website has brought more than 30 million insurance shoppers together with the independent insurance agents that can serve them best.

                Our national agency directory is home to the world’s largest collection of independent insurance agents, partnered with the best insurance carriers. Together, we help deliver the expert customer experience shoppers need with the coverage and cost they deserve.


                Independent Insurance Agents

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                Insurance company partners

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                Our Story

                Founded over a decade ago, TrustedChoice.com has become the fastest growing tool in helping independent insurance agents connect with everyday shoppers. With over 30 million customers to date, TrustedChoice.com continues to deliver innovative marketing solutions to agents in a time where online presence is a must.

                Our Values

                Trust is at the heart of everything we do, and that’s why we always put it first.

                For the agent, that means delivering the leadership and service their business turns to.

                For the customer, that means delivering the human touch and expertise they can rely on to find the answers their family or their business rely on.

                “We know that the insurance buying process is better for consumers when they work with an independent agent. These agents provide choice in coverage that the highly advertised captive agencies do not."

                Chip Bacciocco, CEO

                Our Mission

                At TrustedChoice.com, our mission is to provide a trusted platform where independent agents and online insurance shoppers can make a meaningful connection that leads to financial growth and security.

                Our Products

                TrustedChoice.com helps give independent insurance agents and companies a leg up in the digital world through a whole suite of marketing solutions to help connect agents and companies with the right insurance shopper.

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                We can help you make the right choice when it comes to your insurance

                More People Love Us

                We’re honored to have received a long list of incredible awards, certifications and great reviews.

                With years of dedication to the insurance industry, the experience of our leadership team is what helps us deliver the award-winning products and services we do.

                Our Leadership

                Chip Profile Image



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                Company Relations

                Janice Profile Image


                Financial Controller

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                Sales & Marketing

                Product & Marketing

                Nyssa Lieder Profile

                Nyssa Lieder

                Director of Consumer Marketing

                Jenn Haack Profile

                Jenn Haack

                Creative Director

                Phil Egelston Profile

                Phil Egelston

                Director of Engineering

                Jen Frey Profile

                Jen Frey

                Director of Product Experience

                Viviana Buzo Profile

                Viviana Buzo

                Marketing Manager

                Client Success & Sales

                Cathy Deering Profile

                Cathy Deering

                Director of Client Success

                Jonie Williams Profile

                Jonie Williams

                Client Success Specialist

                Josh Koles Profile

                Josh Koles

                Client Success Specialist

                Christine McLaughlin Profile

                Christine McLaughlin

                Senior Account Manager

                Amy Davis Profile

                Amy Davis

                Senior Sales Executive

                Michael Burns Profile

                Michael Burns

                Sales Executive